FINAL FANTASY World Championships 2017

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game World Championship

On November 18th and 19th, the first Final Fantasy Trading Card Game World Championship will be held at Square Enix Headquarter in Tokyo. 16 representatives from North America, Europe, Australia / New Zealand and Japan will battle out to become the first FFTCG World Champion.

Live streaming

Live Schedule

DAY1 4:45 PM 11/17(PST)
0:45 AM 11/18(GMT)
9:45 AM 11/18(JST)
Tournament1 Swiss Draw Round (5 rounds)
DAY2 5:45 PM 11/18(PST)
1:45 AM 11/19(GMT)
10:45 AM 11/19(JST)
World Championship Finals

Details of the Event

November 18th (Saturday)

Swiss Draw Round (5 rounds)
All rounds are best of 3 with 90 minutes time limit per round.
(Winner of the match receives 3 points. No points are given to ties and losses)
Top 6 players at the end of round 5 will move on to the single elimination round.

※Deck Construction Rules

  • Players must construct 3 decks.
  • Players may only include maximum of 3 cards with the same card number in all 3 decks combined.
  • The order of the deck used can be changed each round.
  • Players must use different decks each game. If the game is 1-1 after Game 2, players must use the last remaining deck for Game 3.

November 19th (Sunday)

Single Elimination Round
All rounds are best of 3 with 40 minutes time limit per game.
(For each game, if the game has not finished after 3 additional turns, the player with less damage taken is the winner.)
1st and 2nd place finishers from the Swiss Round will start from the semi-finals.

※Deck Construction Rules

  • Players will use the same decks from the Swiss Round.
  • Same rules from the Swiss Round apply for the deck selection.